Best Screen Snap v3.00

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Best Screen Snap v3.00

Post by Donutz on Mon Oct 31, 2011 3:48 am

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With Best ScreenSnap you can capture screenshots on your smartphone. To make a screenshot you just need to press the defined key combination while Best ScreenSnap works in background.

You can define your own hotkey to make a screenshot.
After the application makes a screenshot you hear camera click sound to notify you.
You can set up the delay. After the hotkey is pressed a screenshot will be taken after the specified time.
You can save screenshots as true colour BMP, 256 colour BMP, and JPG. For JPG you can select the image quality (the worser quality the smaller the file size).
Action: you can select action to be performed after taking screenshot. Save the image to disk or immediately send it via Bluetooth, Infrared, multimedia message or email.
You don't have to type the file name each time you take a screenshot, you can specify the base file name of the screenshot image files. application will automatically append a unique number to the base filename. E.g. src000001.jpg, src000002.jpg, src000003.jpg etc.
Taken images are saved directly to your Images folder. That allows you to browse, view and delete taken screen shots with a built-in picture viewer application.
The application allows you to select a folder in Images section where your screenshots will appear in order to differentiate your screenshots from other images like your camera photos, etc
You can configure screenshots to be stored on the internal phone disk or on the memory card.

If you can't define any hotkey on your device (not all keys are allowed to be hotkeys) you may try the following to take screenshots: set up some delay; press Green(accept call) key while in ScreenSnap application main view; switch to the needed application while the delay timer is ticking and wait. As soon as the timer is over the screenshot will be taken and you'll hear the camera sound.

Best ScreenSnap is FREE! You can download and use it absolutely free of charge. No spyware and adware inside.

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